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Who we are ?

Our experience base, skilled work-force, technical resources, networking capabilities, internal flexibility and global partners maximize solution efficacy.

Why Invest in Iran ?

There is no doubt, Iran has a lot of potential. It is a country that boasts a domestic market of 70 million people, 11% of the world’s proven oil reserves, 15% of the world’s proven gas reserves, 11 petrochemical complexes, 3 major steel plants and much more.

Best Investment in Iran !

Based on the client requirement, different investment plans suits and fulfill your business and invest requirement.


Highest education rate in region

Low Costs

Cheap and abundant raw materials, energy and transportation


High rate of Internet penetration and access to online shopping (74%)

Tax Free Zones

Iran has dozens of Tax Free & Special Economy zones

 سومین گزارش بین ­المللی اطلاع‌ رسانی فرصت­های سرمایه­ گذاری و تجارت ایران تحت عنوان

با همکاری وزارتخانه ­های اقتصادی و اتاق های بازرگانی کشور به زبان انگلیسی ژانویه جاری (دی ماه 98) منتشر می­ گردد که در سطح وسیع داخلی و بین­ المللی در قالب کتاب و نسخه دیجیتال توزیع خواهد شد.

این پروژه بر آن است تا به شکلی شایسته و در سطح جهانی، توانمندی­ ها و پتانسیل‌های اقتصادی و کسب و کار ایران را به فضای تجارت جهانی در راستای توسعه صادرات و جذب سرمایه‌گذاری خارجی معرفی نماید. هدف بزرگ این پروژه معرفی و اطلاع ­رسانی مناسب ظرفیت‌ها و فرصت‌های اقتصاد ایران به جامعه بین­ المللی و چگونگی سرمایه­ گذاری و کسب و کار با ایران می ­باشد.

این پروژه فرصتی بسیار مغتنم برای سازمان­ها و شرکت­های برتر کشور ایجاد می ­کند که با معرفی خود در سطح بین ­المللی فرصتی در راستای جذب سرمایه­ گذار، جذب مشتریان بین­ المللی، توسعه صادرات، شراکت، تامین مالی، معرفی شرکت و برندسازی بین ­المللی ایجاد نمایند.

لذا از همه شرکت های پیشرو و برتر کشور دعوت به عمل می آید ضمن مشارکت در این پروژه اطلاع ­رسانی بین­ المللی جهت جانمایی و درج رپرتاژ گزارش توانمندی­های شرکت خود با دبیرخانه گزارش به شماره 88723136-021 تماس حاصل نمائید.

About Us

There are currently very few countries in the world with Irans conditions and opportunities for investment. After decades of sanctions and separation from international markets, Iran is now ready to take advantage of these opportunities.

These days the top story of some of the worlds most important news media states, Now that a general agreement has been reached on the nuclear issue between Iran and the P5+1, international investors are lining up behind Irans closed doors, ready to enter this countrys market. Once Irans doors open to international financial activities millions, or maybe billions of dollars will flow into the country Economic players in Iran are waiting with open arms for international investors.How to invest in iran Blog is proud to present you with information about Iran and its investment opportunities, standing by your side as a consultant, and a strategic partner, creating the groundwork for a satisfactory experience in Iran.

Welcome to Iran, an investment paradise for years

Global Investment was founded with a single vision, to help small to large enterprises with their strategic entry into the Iranian market by providing unmatched services for companies across all major industries. We can help you enter the hotspots of the market and will support and guide you toward a success story that remains rock-solid for the years to come.

We deliver exceptional insight and advice based on the highest standards of consulting practice using our 10 years of experience in the field. Our perfect blend of proprietary market entry solutions, strong local connections and expertise will assist you with maximizing your business potential in Iran. You can take advantage of our “real touch of the market” and break down entry barriers into the market. We make sure that you avoid making the wrong deals and provide you with Do’s and Don’ts of doing business in our country.

Join The Ultimate And Irreplaceable Experience Now.

Just define your interests, We will promote the best investment opportunities for you

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